Birthday Recap

Okay, I promise after this post. I’m done posting about my birthday. I am just so thankful and grateful for all the love that was shown to me this past week! My 25th Birthday was definitely amazing! On my birthday I went to dinner with my mom and my fiance at Vinsetta Garage in Berkeley, MI. Oh my goodness! The food was amazing. Definitely one of my new favorite places. We had their wings as an appetizer which were BOMB! And then I had their Vinsetta Burger and fries for my meal. I’m not even exaggerating when I say I’ve never taste a burger like this before! And for dessert I had Faygo ice cream topped with pop rocks! And they even put a little candle in it for me! But can we just pause and acknowledge how cool it is they have Faygo ice cream?!


On Saturday is when I celebrated my birthday with most of my family and friends. We had brunch at Bistro Joe’s in, Birmingham, MI. Two words….My…Lord! I had never been to Bistro Joe’s but had seen it in passing and thought that it looked super dope. On the first floor is a market and then the second floor is the restaurant which surrounds the market. Dope, right? So anyway, the staff was super nice and very accommodating! I had been looking at their menu for weeks trying to decide what I was going to get. But, when we got there they had a couple special items listed. The blackened shrimp omelette was one of them and what ended up getting! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made! It was blackened shrimp with asparagus, spinach, onions, red peppers, and white cheddar cheese. I’m telling you, I think they got that cheese from heaven. It was sooo good!

My cake was ordered from Giuseppe’s Bakery and it was perfect! Lemon cake batter with raspberry filling. My friends keep asking me if there is any cake left…NOPE! LOL. It was just that good!


My heart is still full from the love that my family and friends showed me Saturday. The fact that some of them drove an hour to celebrate with me really touched my heart! Here are some pictures from Saturday!

IMG_1916  IMG_1941IMG_1943IMG_1926


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