Holiday Gift Guide-Guy Edition

So, after several request. I finally gave in and am posting a holiday gift guide for guys! This was a little hard but I think I fund some great gifts.

But wait, why is it so hard to find inexpensive guy gifts? Y’all these gifts are not $25 or under. LOL. But I tried my best to find a few that are under $25. But I’m sure your guy, dad, brother, uncle, cousin, or best friend has been great all year and it’s okay to spend a little extra on them, right? LOL. It was also hard not to put Stephen’s (le fiance) gift on here. I’ll share about that after Christmas because I think it’s pretty awesome!

Mr. Smell Good

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Birchbox is a subscription based  company. Birchbox is a makeup subscription but they also have boxes for guys with smell goods, and shaving and hair products. Every month he will receive some sample and full size products.


Birchbox Subscription $20

The Chill Guy

I love these. I could be a little partial because I’ve wanted a pair of these rubber converse since the summer. So when I checked the website and realized they had them for men too, I had to put them on this list.


Rubber Converse $65


The Apple Guy

For your guy who is in love with all things Apple. I have heard great things about this charging dock. I myself don’t have $50 to spend on a charger. I cringe when I have to pay $5 at Five Below. LOL. But for the guy who loves all things Apple this could be a great gift!



Apple iPhone Lightening Dock $49

The Stylin’ Guy

I don’t think you could ever go wrong with a great puffer vest. They are stylish and for some winter activities really convent. And with the right layering this is all you need. The American Eagle vest below is currently BOGO 50%. SCORE!


AEO Lightweight Puffer Vest $59.95

The Chef

I know of few guys who love to cook. I know mine loves to cook and try new things. And I’m sure he isn’t the only one. Or maybe this could be a great gift for the guy who needs a little extra help in the kitchen.


Eat Like a Man Cookbook $20.30

The Funny Guy

I found this hat while making this post and could not stop laughing. I was about to put up a nice cute fashionable hat and I just couldn’t. This hat is cute, fashionable and hilarious. Well, at least to me.


Massimo Men’s Beanie $14.99

I hope this helps you out or at least gives you some inspiration on what to buy your favorite guy! 🙂


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