MY Perfect Red Lip & GIVEAWAY!

I told you guys I love all things lip color. And every girl whether deep into makeup or just starting out searches for their perfect red lip. I want to put a huge emphasis that this is about MY perfect red lip.

All of us have different skin complexion and tones and we all have different preferences. So what I consider to be the perfect red lip may not be YOUR perfect red lip. Ya know?

MY perfect red lip is…


Sephora “Always Red” Lip Stain

This has been my personal favorite for about two years now I believe. Yes, I have “Ruby Woo” by MAC and NO it does not compare! LOL. If you ask me the $2 Wet n Wild lipsticks are better than MAC. But that’s just my opinion.

So back to how awesome this Sephora lip stain is. It’s simply the best. It’s amazing and for flipping $14 why not try it? I mean this is for real a lip stain. There have been times where I’ve scrubbed my makeup off and I’ll have to go to sleep with slightly red lips because it is a true stain. With it being a true stain it is also a plus that it does’t dry out your lips. And it dries  matte of course! I love this lip!


I absolutely adore this lip stain especially around this time of year. You should really go grab one, it would be perfect for the holidays.

As stated on yesterday’s post Ashleigh’s Christmas Wish List, I am hosting a giveaway! And yup, you guessed it I will be giving away my favorite, the “Always Red” Sephora Lip Stain!

Giveaway Rules

-Follow Me on Instagram

-Like Giveaway Picture on Instagram

-Like & Comment on THIS post


This giveaway is for U.S residents only. This giveaway will be open until Sunday at 11:59PM. And the winner’s new Sephora lip stain will be sent out Monday morning.  The winner will randomly be selected. And if you don’t wear lip stain be a doll and tag a friend on #Insta! Xoxoxo!


17 thoughts on “MY Perfect Red Lip & GIVEAWAY!

  1. That color looks amazing on you! I have never had any luck finding a red I’m happy with but I think it’s because I’m a ginger so red’s not really in my color house. I’m always a bit jealous of you gals that can rock a red lip! lol! Looks like a great product. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. What a pretty red! I wore Stila’s red liquid lipstick that came in their holiday gift set this year and it is my favorite. I’ve had trouble finding such a good red for my skin tone and I love it. I’ve heard pretty good things about these Sephora lip stains that I’m going to have to try them out!

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