HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wow, 2016 huh?! It is so crazy how time flies man. Just wow! 

Okay so, this is going to be a different kind of #FaithFriday post. Short and really what I am feeling right now. 

I need a break from social media. This morning I deleted the Snapchat app from my phone. And later I will be deleting the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram app. Why share this in a #FaithFriday post?! 

I am really stepping out on faith and trusting that my blog will still be successful without me being personally active on social media. Because let’s face it if you know even a little about blogging and social media it kinda goes hand in hand. My Facebook and Twitter will still be connected to the blog but I just won’t be posting anything personal on social media because I won’t have the app on my phone.  I’m trusting that because this blog is something near and dear to my heart that even though I’m not active on social media, those who need to read it will. 
Why am I taking a break from social media? 

One…honestly…lately I’ve noticed insecurities that are just ridiculous. And I know they stem from spending time scrolling through the ‘gram and Facebook. If you are a 20 something year old you know those thoughts that run through our mind when we see all the stuff that so and so are doing. That never use to bother me. Yeah no, need to take a step back and focus on what Ashleigh is doing. 

Two, social media is just getting annoying. It has become so depressing. Like if someone is not an “activist”, someone else is always talking about their drama. Or if someone is not talking about their drama, someone else is talking about what they are doing every minute of the day. 

Three, I just need to spend more time with God (which will help with reason number one). The usual is not enough anymore. I should be praying, reading, worshipping anytime I have down time not checking Snapchat.

I just need a cleanse y’all. And social media is the first to go. I don’t know how long this will last, two weeks, a month or longer. I just know I need a break. 

Please make sure you subscribe to the blog so that you can get notified when it’s a new post! With being off social media I will be spending more time with you guys on my blog. So you definitely want to stay tuned. Love you lots! 2016 is going to be great! 


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