Healthy Snacks: Yay or Nay?

Okay guys, I think I’m going to try…key work TRY to give you guys an update or tips or something on this whole healthier eating/loosing weight thing every Monday. So I told you guys I like to snack. Especially sitting at a desk all day, it’s hard. So I thought I would share my views on two healthy snacks I picked up today.

Today I ran in TJ Maxx because I had to take some pajamas back and look for something to wear to my Mom’s 50th Birthday party on Friday . So I’m like okay they usually have some nice and different snack options let me check.

I picked up two snacks for work. I’ve never had either of them. Gosh I should have recorded this. LOL. Maybe I’ll do that next time. Me and my coworkers reaction to the first one was hilarious!

So the first one that I got was Justin’s Almond Butter and Pretzels! Yeah…no! I did not like the almond butter. Why is it grainy? Why? Why? It did not look appealing. At all! And the pretzels…DID NOT TASTE LIKE PRETZELS! On the packaging it didn’t say that they were a special kind of pretzel so I was expecting a regular pretzel. Yeah…no! The pretzels weren’t gross but they didn’t taste like pretzels. For my Detroit people, you know those little pretzel sticks that have the sesame seeds on them that they serve at Sinbad’s? They taste like those! It just would have been nice to know I was gonna bite into a bread stick instead of telling me it was a pretzel. Yeah I would not buy again. Maybe I’ll try the Justin’s hazelnut chocolate butter snack pack but I don’t ever want to try any almond butter again!

$1.49 @ Tj Maxx


The other snack I picked up was Bare Fuji Red Apple Chips! Boy oh boy! Okay these are really crunchy which is good because I love potato chips and popcorn because of the crunch. So I may have found one alternative. But Holy Moses are they sweet. So if I was in the mood for something sweet but fruity I would definitely be on the hunt for these! They were pretty tasty but yeah I only ate like three and put the rest up because that was all the sweetness I could take. I’m already sweet enough… 🙂 I would definitely buy these again though. Maybe a bigger bag and put some in a small ziploc bag for work. I would say these were a success, very sweet but good.

$2.29 @ TJ Maxx

Do you have some healthy snack alternatives? Comment and let me know some of your favorites. I try to drink green tea when I feel the urge to snack but there’s only so much green tea a girl can drink before I’m running to the bathroom every five minutes. So yes, if you have any favs help a sista out!


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