Hi friends. I am uber excited about todays #FaithFriday post! I really pray that this helps someone and that you join the movement!

Raynika Battle, a good friend of mine and a great woman of God recently published a prayer journal and started the PB4A Initiative.. What does PB4A stand for? PRAY BEFORE ANYTHING! How awesome is that?

This prayer journal is a great way for us to record our prayers and then go back and record how God has answered our prayers. For me, the thought alone of knowing that sometime in the future I will get to go back and record God’s answer excites me and encourages me.

In the journal each page that is specified for writing down your prayer also has a scripture on the page as well. I think this is also helpful as it is a reminder of God’s word and his promises for his sons and daughters. Then, on the back of the page you wrote your prayer down on there is a space of the back of the page to write down the date God answered your prayer as well as his answer.

More about the PB4A Initiative. This movement is to empower us to prayer before we do anything. It’s in the name right? Well let’s actually do it! How can you be apart of this movement? You can visit PB4A. There you can listen listen to recorded prayers specific to certain topics, send prayer request, share testimonies, receive access to more prayer resources, and receive monthly encouragement and prayer devotions. PB4A!

You can buy the prayer journal on amazon. I received mine extremely fast and I’ve heard others have gotten theres fast as well. Are you needing a tool to help build your faith? Well, I definitely this will help. I would love to hear any testimonies that come from this!

  My God Answers Prayer: A Journal to Build Your Faith


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