#FaithFriday #ABADIJ

This is just a short post of encouragement. The other day I was thinking of how words can be like knives or swords. Words can be so sharp. And how if we aren’t open to healing those sharp words can and will leave open wounds. And we walk around with these open wounds from words that other people of spoken or us doubting, condemning, or not loving ourselves. We put bandaids on these open wounds by pretending not to be hurt, pretending not to care, hurting others out of our hurt. Just as words can be sharp and cut deep, The Word can clean, stitch and heal that open wound. Taking the same energy that it takes rejecting healing and using that to recite the word, recite God’s promises to heal those wounds. I hope this encourages someone to recite the word of God over their life to heal those open wounds that have been caused by sharp words. πŸ™‚ 



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