I’m an Entrepreneur!

So let’s start by saying this…don’t be mad at me guys. I’m telling you guys I have a plan and a schedule and I’m settled in my new job and I will get back to blogging. Maybe even a vlog or two. Now, let’s get to the good stuff!

Last Saturday I decided to stop being scary and step out on a whole lot of faith! I decided to become an entrepreneur. I am a ItWorks Ambassador…and I am so happy! Now let me catch you because I’m sure right here is where some of you are going to stop reading because you think I’m going to ask you to buy something. Well…okay yeah but not on this post. That’s totally up you! (Hit me up though if you are interested for real! 😉 ) Oh and we have way more than just “those stomach wrap things”. 

Why am I so excited about becoming an ItWorks Ambassador? Well along with their amazing products and earning extra income, I am learning so much! I am thankful to be on the downline of a popular blogger and my team leader is amazing! In the past week our daily huddles have taught me so much just as a business woman. We have a group chat where ladies are able to ask questions, share results and what has touched me are the success stories and testimonies.

So am I excited about these awesome products? Yes! Am I excited to earn extra income? Of course! But what I am most excited about is being connected to a group of over 400 women who are rocking being ItWorks Ambassadors!

Be sure to visit my site and be sure to email me with any questions! I’m excited to share my journey with you all! Toodles!




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